Best Refrigerator Mats Set In India 2022

Looking for new refrigerator mats? Well, we have got covered. All the mats mentioned below come from good brands, so you can get any of them without any hesitation. We’ve handpicked some of the best mats for refrigerators. You can buy these mats online via amazon. Let’s check some of the best refrigerators mats below.

Best Refrigerator Mats Set In India

1) Paaroots PVC Fridge

Paaroots PVC Washable Rectangular Placements for Fridge (Set of 3)

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Designed with sheer accuracy to prevent surface stains, this mat is perfectly suited for your fridge as this is made up of waterproof material and does not absorb water or any other liquids.

These mats can also be used as dining mats because they won’t leave behind any stains on your dining table.


  • It is transparent and has a beautiful flowery design 
  • There are many designs available


  • The number of mats in the pack is low

2) Kuber Industries

Kuber Industries Plastic Multi Purpose Refrigerator Rectangular Drawer Mats (Multicolour ) - Set of 6 Pcs

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These are pretty useful mats available in various sizes and designs ranging up to 12X17 inches. They are made up of PVC plastic which allows them to be efficiently used for cleaning purposes. These mats come in various colors and designs; thus, they allow users to decorate their fridges.


  • They are made from PVC
  • It does not allow dirt to settle 


  • It comes in only large size

3) FACTCORE Plastic

FACTCORE Plastic Multi Purpose Refrigerator Drawer/Fridge Mat - Set of 6 Pcs (12 X 17 Inches, Sea Green)

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These refrigerator mats make it easier for a user to prevent dirt and stains in your refrigerator. They are made up of the best quality plastic with high tensile strength and ability. These mats are available in various designs, which allow you to keep them in your refrigerator efficiently.


  • They come in various colored packs increasing the range of choices.
  • They are best for dust prevention.


  • These mats are expensive.

4) Solimo PVC

Amazon Brand - Solimo PVC Fridge Multipurpose Mat, Set of 6, White, Standard

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These color gradients allow the user to get along with various designs quickly. Also, when these are used as dining mats, they come out as perfectly well and most useful mats. These mats are made up of PVC, which makes them perfect for stain prevention.


  • These mats are translucent, so they are the best choice to be used as dining mats too.
  • They are available in various gradients


  • There is a severe size issue with these mats

5) LOOMANTHA miles

LOOMANTHA miles to go.... Combo Pack of 1 Waterproof Refrigerator Top Cover and 4 Refrigerator Drawer Mats, Multicolor

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These mats are known for their superb quality and the designs on their surface make them a great pick. They feature a waterproof design, so you could also use them as dining mats without worrying about water spills ruining your table. The material is also good and can be used in various areas. 


  • These mats have wonderful designs on their surface making them extremely useful.
  • These mats have smooth edges which enhances their design


  • These mats come only in packs of 4 so if you need 6 of them then you will have to buy two packs.

6) Dewberries PVC 3

Dewberries PVC 3 Piece Fridge Mats/Drawer Mats Set (Multicolor)

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These mats are the best to pick if you focus on stains prevention in your refrigerators and want to fix them in every possible way. It protects your refrigerator from scratches, dirt, and spots and can be used on multiple appliances. They are available in different colors, so you can choose one that suits your decor. 


  • These mats are of superior quality and are available at affordable rates.
  • These mats are reusable and can be washed down easily.


  • These mats have to be washed carefully else this can result in a tear.

7) ElastPro EVA

ElastPro EVA Useful and Multipurpose (45 cm x 500 cm) Anti Slip Mat/Sheet for Fridge, Bathroom, Kitchen, Drawer, Shelf Liner. (Metallic Grey)

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The best feature of these mats is that they are super fit, which makes them extremely easy to use. You can easily cut it with scissors and shape it as per your needs. The non-adhesive design adds more value as you could them anywhere you want. They are also crack-resistant and can withstand low temperatures without breaking. 


  • This mat is available in two default sizes of refrigerators.
  • This mat is anti-slip and multifunctional.


  • They are expensive 

Buying Guide

Before buying any refrigerator mats, some factors are to be kept in mind, and they are discussed below.

Quality: The first most crucial thing for choosing the best mat is the quality of the product, which should be preferable PVC or hard quality plastic. Though these mats will be slightly expensive, they will last for a long time. 

Price: The budget is also a serious concern, so you need to make sure that you have decided on a maximum limit of expenditure for yourself and ensure that you never cross it. However, we suggest that you should opt for quality mats as they are worth the money. 

Colors and design: You can look at formats in colors based on the color of your fridge or your house. Also, the design allows it to be used as design mats.


Refrigerator mats are essential to keep your refrigerator clean. They are multi-functional, so you can easily use them in other areas like your dining table, laptop table, etc. Hope this article will help you pick a good one. 

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